In an emergency

We understand that problems can arise and cause concern. Please call us straight away so that we can help and advise you.

To ensure a same day emergency appointment, please call the practice on 020 7580 1017 when we open at 8am. For out of hours emergencies (weekends and after 4pm weekdays) please call 020 7580 1017 and note down the emergency number.

For immediate relief, painkillers can help and if you are able to take ibuprofen, this is usually the most effective; paracetamol is a good alternative. Call the practice to make an appointment so that we can diagnose the cause.

The tooth needs to be re-implanted as soon as possible. Avoid handling the tooth root and, if you can, place the tooth back into the socket and hold firmly in place with either finger pressure or by biting down.

If this is not possible, either place it in some cold milk (NOT water) or hold it in your cheek. Call the practice straight away or go to your nearest A&E department.

The most common cause of a swelling in the mouth is infection. Do not use a hot compress as this can make it worse but painkillers can help in the short term. You must contact the practice as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.

If the tooth is painful, avoid hot and cold foods and do not eat on that side. Painkillers can often help.

Call the practice to make an appointment as the tooth should be restored as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

It may be possible to reattach the original crown so keep it safe. If the tooth is sensitive don’t chew on it and avoid very hot or cold food and drink. As it is important to reattach or replace the crown as soon as possible to avoid further damage, call the practice to make an appointment.

Dentures should never be repaired with commercial adhesives as they are not safe for use in the mouth.

To arrange a repair, please call the practice as early in the morning as possible and we will do our very best to complete the repair that day.